Brief Directions: Coulee Region Woodturners Accident Insurance program process.

The process to be used by the CRW membership when engaged in a sponsored activity.


1.     Prior a turning or woodworking  event involving other woodworkers/woodturners;

2.     Send Notification of the proposed CRW sponsored event; either a Mentoring Workshop or External Activity, to include date, type of activity, place of activity and sponsoring  individual (must be a CRW member) via email to the CRW Secretary: Kris Clough,   Or mail a hard copy to Kris Clough, W4911 Scott Drive. LaCrosse, WI 54601. Alternatively, send the notification to any other CRW board officer.

3.     At the sponsored event/activity, fill out proper form;

1.     CRW Mentoring Workshop Attendee Accident Insurance Form

2.     CRW External Activity Attendee Accident Insurance Form

4.     * Upon completion of the activity, send the completed sponsored activity Attendee Accident Insurance form to the CRW Secretary: Kris Clough

1.     Mail hard copy

2.     Or scan the completed document, send as an electronic document to Kris Clough.


*this process would be used to verify to the insurance company that the CRW member was indeed present during the scheduled, authorized meeting.

** please be aware that if you choose not to fill out the accident forms and you get injured during the event, you won’t be able obtain compensation for your injuries.


*** if an accident occurs, fill out the Accident Insurance Claim Form (Gerber Life Insurance Company, policy number 49-070047-17 following the directions on the form. If questions, contact our Agent, Tim Kakuska, 608 784 4854.