. Monthly Meeting Highlights and Photos .

November meeting: Pam Reilly demonstrated her mosaic motif - the jigs used, pattern design, how the motif is applied, and various texturing methods. Sat. Nov. 19, at Pam's new home/woodturning studio near Elgin, MN.

October Meeting: A weekend with Jamie Donaldson at the Bill and Brigitta studio in Onalaska, WI.

September Meeting: Sept. 17, at Shorty Mueller's hideaway cabin near Alma, WI. Subject: Shorts at Shorty's--we had several short subjects (approx 5 minutes) on a method, technique, etc. that members have used and found useful.

August Meeting: Ansel Heram showed the group the finest points of segmented turning, at Bill and Brigitta's shop in Onalaska.

July Meeting: at the Tom Mruz estate, behind Granddad's Bluff. This was our first ever club picnic. The Chestnut Challenge was judged, the Instant Gallery was reviewed, and everyone ate and drank their fill.

June Meeting: At the Bob Allen shop and factory. Aaron Gesicki gave a buffing demo, Judy Allen gave a painting demo, the Instant Gallery was reviewed, and Bob Allen led a group of explorers into his wooded acres where Lee Goehring discussed silviculture and tree identification.

May Meeting: Visit to the Dr. Larry Severeid tree farm in Sparta. We toured the hills where he has planted chestnut and many other valuable timber trees.

February Meeting: Duane Hill showed us how Stuart Batty sharpening method works. At the Falch shop in Winona.

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